To be eligible for general membership, the applying candidate must have one of the following –
a) Formal education in photography from a reputed institution.
b) Candidate having immense experience and knowledge

** Minimum age for membership : 18 years
** The applying candidate fulfilling one of the above criteria (a or b) can contact us through email:

**The application of membership is subject to approval of the Hon’ble Governing Body.

In case the candidate do not satisfy either of the above criteria then he/she may apply for our photography course. Successful pass-outs of this course may be eligible to apply for membership.
(please refer to our Basic photography course section in this website)

Photography Course


Types of membership : 

  1. General membership : Yearly subscription Rs. 800/- Development Fee : Rs. 4000 [one time]
  2. Nominal Membership/Online membership [having no voting rights] : Yearly subscription Rs. 1600/- Development Fee : Rs. 2000 [one time]