Debidas Banerjee, ARPS,EFIAP, APSA, AIIPC, ABPS,FCOS, GPA.PESGSPC and Hon PESGSPC,Hon(L) Chhayapath, Hon. FAPA by Andhra Pradesh Photography Academy


Honorary Member of South Kolkata Photogenic since 2016


Debidas Banerjee is a Graduate of Calcutta University and was an Officer of Reserve bank of India.  His date of birth is 12th May of 1944.He has a knack in Photography since his childhood and started doing Photography seriously since 1976 aftercompletion of Diploma in Photography conducted by PAD.He has made himself conversant initially with analogue and later in Digital system of the medium. He is a founder member of Chhayapath,Calcutta and AlokRekhay, the two notable organizations of India. He is awarded with EFIAPfrom FIAP, APSA from PSA, ARPS from RPS, ABPS from BPS, AIIPC by IIPC, FFIP from FIPfor his creative works and FCOS byFotoClub of Sibu, Romania, GPA.PESGSPC and Hon PESGSPC from Photogenic Club, Hon Life Membership by Chhayapath Calcutta and Hon.FAPA by Andhra Pradesh Photography Akademi for his engagement in the field of Photography. He was invited to participatein Suwon Castle Fortification in Suwon, South Korea in the year 1995. In the same year He delivered a talk in Macau on invitation by FAPA(Federation of Asian Photographic Art) in their convention held in Hongkong and Macau. He was also invited by the organization committee “The Fourth China(Jinan) Contemporary International Photography Biennial” toattend their conference which held in the city Jinan in 2012. His works mainly fall in Pictorial branch of Photography.He engaged himself for the development of Photography among the people. His creations have got Acceptances and Awards from various countries of our world. One of his creations titled “The Lonely Shepherd” was the only Indian entry from India awarded in 1995 at Ruis, Spain where entries were only received if being awarded in earlier 4 years in any International Salons. This Picture was published on the cover page of the 1st issue of the “Photo Book“published by UPI which is known as GPU now. His another picture titled “Festive Flavour” was also placed on the cover of the 1st issue of the text book titled “Basic Photography” published by Chhayapath. Beside writing and delivering lectures, conducting Workshop  on different topics of Photography, he acts as member of Juries in different International and National salons. He acted as one of the members of Working  Committee of FIP for 2 terms and Country Representative of UPI/GPU for a considerable period.