Sanat Kumar Das, EFIAP, FFIP
Honorary Member of South Kolkata Photogenic since 2020
Born in the year 1965, Sanat Kumar das completed Education in Bachelor of Arts from Calcutta University. He completed  1 year basic course and  2 diploma  course in Photography from Chhayapath, kolkata
He got his first international acceptance in the year 1994 in Bangladesh photographic Society.
Participated in various national and international photography.
He did distinction of AFIAP and , AFIP in the year 2004 and EFIAP in monochrome photography in 2008
He started photography with analog and later switched to digital photography in 2009.
Participated in various group exhibition. He is Former Salon Chairman, course secretary of Chhayapath, Kolkata
He is a master in street photography. Many of his photographs were sold in Germany.